Welcome to stewartcarrier.com — my website.  This is a place where I come to blog about my studies (which are, for the time being, over), the world, politics, creative writing, and my professional goals.  The site is going through some re-branding at the moment so I thought I would begin that re-brand with an introduction.

Hi.  I’m Stew.  And my last name isn’t Carrier anymore.  It’s Carrier-Murillo.  It’s been Carrier-Murillo since I married this handsome dude nearly two years ago:


(That’s Andrew, my husbando.  He’s giving you full-face realness at NYU commencement)

I haven’t changed the websites name because changing website names is both complicated and expensive.

I recently graduated with a master’s degree from NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study.  Officially my degree is in Interdisciplinary Studies… but I focused on Political Philosophy, History, and Creative Writing.  I was awarded the Special Service Award by the Dean and Faculty of Gallatin.  This meant that I received a beautiful award and got to sit on stage at graduation at LINCOLN CENTER IN NYC.  Crazy.  Crazy because I grew up in Sanford, Michigan.  A village of some 900 people… “The best little town by a dam site.”

Here are some graduation photos 🙂

And HERE is a picture of my view from the graduation stage at Lincoln Center (crazy, right?):


I’m known as a doer.  I try to keep myself busy by focusing on an intense combination of my professional, academic, and personal interests.  What I mean is that I try to influence my people and communities to come together to accomplish things.  Some of the ways that I’ve been able to do this are exemplified in the picture you saw above — that was a day I organized at New Alternatives in NYC for a group of graduate students.  We cooked, cleaned, and served meals for at-risk members of the LGBTQ community in Manhatten.

Here are a few more examples of my passions (only a few — I don’t want to overwhelm you):

This collage of me (and friends) really sums up my life the last few years.  I’m singing “Sweet Transvestite” karaoke like a certified rock star on my 30th birthday.  I helped create the “Bulls at Burns Court” film series for students at USFSM… you can see us at the beautiful niche Burns Court Cinema for our private screening of “Mistress America.”  I organized a trip to Park City, Utah for the Slamdance Film Festival.  Student Life has always been a passion of mine… so you see me taking a selfie at NYU Gallatin’s 2017 Student Life Awards — an event I helped plan and hosted.  I’ve won a few awards for my efforts over the years… all thanks to an incredible group of friends, peers, professionals, and mentors.  And I’ve volunteered for a number of organizations and missions.

My name is Stewart John Carrier-Murillo.  I’m a first-generation college graduate, a passionate learner, a voracious reader, a sometimes controversial writer, a lover of craft beer (in moderation), a singer of karaoke, a volunteer, a dedicated friend, and a son, brother, uncle, and husband.

Stay tuned, folks.  And enjoy this incredible life.