In Greek mythology the Trojan Horse is a tale of warning.  Everyone knows the basics of the story, the city of Troy welcomed inside their walls a trophy of war – a giant horse.  Hidden inside this horse was a group of select Greek warriors; they sprung their trap, opened up the Trojan gates, and conquered the city.  The GOP has their own version of the Trojan Horse and the trap has finally been sprung, the Donald Trump shackles have been removed – he is free at last.

14691213_10209245386603129_2752554203678506294_o(Image courtesy of Mike Maday)

What exactly makes Donald Trump the GOP’s version of the Trojan Horse?  He is almost single-handedly destroying the GOP (with a whole lot of help from the Clinton Campaign).   The tweets above do not read like a hard line Republican Presidential nominee.  However, it gets worse if you take into consideration the Pied Piper email sent from Marissa Astor, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook’s assistant, to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.  Take a look at the attachment from that email:

150407 Strategy on GOP 2016ers-page-001.jpg


Let me be clear – I do not take issue with the fact that the Clinton campaign and the DNC sought to “undermine” the message and credibility of the more “traditional” GOP candidates.  In fact, I am 100% certain all of the other candidates, with the possible exception of the Trojan Trump Horse, had similar strategies.  What I am extremely uncomfortable with, and you should be to, are the sections “Our Goals & Strategy” and “Operationalizing the Strategy: Pied Piper Candidates.”

The Clinton Campaign has essentially admitted that they sought to “elevate” the most controversial and harmful candidates.  The Clinton Campaign states, “tell the press to (take) them seriously.”  The Clinton Campaign acknowledges that their goal was to “Force all Republicans candidates to… lock themselves into extreme conservative positions that will hurt them in the general election.”

Fast forward 18 months and the results of the Clinton Campaign / DNC strategy are thus:

  1. Donald Trump has destroyed GOP credibility nationally and abroad.
  2. American’s view the GOP as unfavorably as they ever have.
  3. More appropriate GOP candidates (Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, John Kasich) were presented with a terrible decision – support Donald Trump or lose party support.
  4. Faith in our Democratic process has evaporated, and third party candidates cannot gain any traction because of extreme political polarization.
  5. The worst possible candidates were elevated beyond their station and given a podium to divide the country (Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump).

If we consider the strategy a success, it clearly was, than it is reasonable to blame the Clinton Campaign and the DNC for the divisive and unprecedented nature of the 2016 election.  A weak GOP and no third party representation is terrible for our politics.  It limits the only “rational” voice to Hillary Clinton.

I have been angry for months, in my 31 years I have never experienced this type of unhealthy political partisanship.  The alt-right movement is frightening, the idea that a man like Donald Trump had the capability to become president is frightening (and then to put Mike Pence a heartbeat from taking over).  And the conspiracy which has seemingly led so many people into this Trump Trojan Horse is an absolute form of political terrorism.

We all should be furious at the actions of the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee (let’s also not forget that they clearly favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders).

Donald Trump exists as a presidential candidate because of, not in spite of, Hillary Clinton.  The strategy planned over 18 months ago by Clinton’s staff and the DNC is essentially a political coup d’etat.  While some die hard Democrats will forgive this, like they have done so many times before, the rest of us are left with the ashes of a failed democracy.

In Amy Davidson’s piece in The New Yorker: “The Stakes of the Third-Party Candidates” she questions whether or not Gary Johnson and Jill Stein should be “distracting voters” in this election.  The piece dredges up memories of the 2000 election and votes for Ralph Nader in Florida.  But what it doesn’t address, and probably was written before the Wikileaks’ emails from Monday, is that Hillary Clinton helped create the Trump Trojan Horse.  And perhaps it is because of that fact that third-party candidates like Stein and Johnson are, in fact, less a distraction and more principled than ever.

Hillary Clinton handed the piper his instrument, now we must choose.  Do we follow the Pied Piper into the water to drown?  Do we dance to the beat of our own drum?  And does the Clinton Campaign get a free pass for turning the election into a Greek tragedy?