Last July Breitbart published a list of the 10 most important reasons Donald Trump would make a “stellar” president.  This mostly superficial list is low on substance, but with the election a little more than a month away this article has been popping up regularly on my facebook and twitter feeds.

Let me be clear – I am hardcore #TeamGov.  This article is not an endorsement of Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein over Donald Trump.  However, we should pause for a moment and analyze / retort a Breitbart article which claims Mr. Trump would make a “stellar” anything, let alone the most powerful individual on the planet.

I don’t need ten reasons to bash Donald Trump, I only need five.  So here are the top 5 reasons that Donald Trump would make an AWFUL president:

  1. Atlantic City (and lots of other bad business deals) – During the first debate, Hillary Clinton pointed out that Donald Trump has stiffed many people who have done work for him over the years.  His excuse?  “Maybe (they) didn’t do a good job and I was unsatisfied with (their) work.”  It’s not just Atlantic City though.  Nearly everything he touches ruins lives.  Trump University, Trump Magazine, Trump Airlines… Donald Trump has a long history of HURTING the middle class.  What happens when Donald Trump doesn’t do a good job and people aren’t satisfied with his work?  I’d like to fire him from this campaign…
  2. Blatant, consistent, obvious and unabashed misogyny – a big theme in this presidential election is the idea that we will have our first woman president.  Certainly that is a historically important fact (although I would add the precursor that it’s not the most important issue to consider).  Expanding on this, women have certainly been a big theme in the election and that’s because Donald Trump has been AWFUL towards women.  This includes his terrible comments towards Rosie O’Donnell, Alicia Machado, Marie Brenner, cheating on his wife Ivana Trump, and of course his “blood coming out of her wherever” comment towards Megyn Kelly.  This is in no way a complete list, I don’t have that kind of time.  I maintain that a rational female voter who objectively looks at Donald Trump’s complete body of work, closely judging his words and actions towards women, could not come to the conclusion that he is worth their vote.
  3. He’s a future war criminal – the exact quote (on how he would stop ISIS) is, “The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.”  Is this really the future of the United States of America?  We’re now going to become the murderers we decry?  Is this the type of justice that evangelical voters want?
  4. Donald Trump is perhaps the worst presidential candidate in HISTORY as it concerns the constitution – this really doesn’t need unpacked that much further.  He’s threatened the first amendment in respects to both freedom of the press & religion (closing mosques?), the fourth amendment’s protections against unreasonable search & seizure (the way stop and frisk stuff was practiced is unconstitutional), the eighth amendment’s protections against cruel and unusual punishment (waterboarding and then some), AND the fourteenth amendment’s establishment of equal protection under the law.  In short, Donald Trump is a walking, talking, authoritarian.  These facts don’t matter, apparently, to “small government” Republicans.
  5. Donald Trump is completely unqualified to become President of the United States of America – for the first time in history the USA Today endorsed a presidential candidate.  While I don’t agree with their endorsement choice, it’s worth noting that Donald Trump doesn’t have a single major newspaper endorsement.  Not one.  Go ahead, google it.  Meanwhile, Gary Johnson has six major endorsements from editorial boards (including the Chicago Tribune).  Newspaper editorial boards are not the gold standard for presidential endorsements.  How about former presidents?  How about fortune 100 companies?  Not even Donald Trump’s uber-rich peers will support his run for president.

If you’re angry at our government, I understand.  I’m angry too.  I’m angry over the perpetual interventionism abroad, angry that they waste our money on a consistent basis.  I am angry that we have $20 trillion in debt.  I am angry that banks are too big to fail, I am angry that we don’t have term limits, I am angry that donations to the Clinton Foundation seemingly granted state department access to Hillary Clinton.  I am angry that our military can drone Doctors without Borders hospitals and wedding parties without consequence.  I am angry that the only thing that changes in politics is the names (sometimes).

Voting for Donald Trump, however, will not make you less angry.  It will not solve anything.  Voting for Donald Trump can only serve to make things for our country worse.  Donald Trump is clearly an authoritarian, he ignores the constitution (or, more likely, is completely ignorant on it), and he has USED government as a means to advance his brand of crony capitalism.

What we need to do is advance to the point of not needing a president with any semblance of power.  This happens through incremental and drastic changes to the way government works.  We must end the failed war on drugs.  We must demand term limits for members of congress.  We must push for greater protections to our constitutional rights.  We must stop letting politics determine who is successful and who is not.

If you can’t vote for Hillary Clinton, don’t (I’m not).  But just because you can’t vote for her doesn’t mean you have to vote for Donald Trump.  You have choices.  Don’t fall into the lesser of two evils trap.  Look to your local politicians, rely on yourself, and demand change.